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Chris Anderson - The Evolution Of Cool

Chris Anderson’s keyboard artistry has been cool for over forty years! Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, the heyday of the American organ industry, the Hammond B-3 was the coolest organ model on the market and quickly became the instrument-of-choice for the professionals. Then in his mid-teens, Chris performed on a variety of instruments and ultimately toured the world as a Hammond and Yamaha concert artist.

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The Songs

  • Caravan 3:27 Laura 3:23
  • Limehouse Blues/Bye Bye Blues 3:16
  • When I Fall In Love 4:10
  • Green Dolphin Street 3:01
  • I Left Heart In San Francisco 4:03
  • Back Home In Indiana 2:19
  • Help Me Make It Through The Night 3:53
  • Hello Dolly 1:44
  • All The Way 3:27
  • Old Cape Cod 5:29
  • Josephine 2:11