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Chris Anderson - The Evolution Of Cool

Chris Anderson’s keyboard artistry has been cool for over forty years! Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, the heyday of the American organ industry, the Hammond B-3 was the coolest organ model on the market and quickly became the instrument-of-choice for the professionals. Then in his mid-teens, Chris performed on a variety of instruments and ultimately toured the world as a Hammond and Yamaha concert artist.

The Musicians

Hammond B-3 and Vocals: Chris Anderson Drums: Scott Williamson Guitar: Mark Baldwin Bass: Kickin’ Chris Anderson

The Love Sponge Orchestra

Violins: David Davidson, concertmaster; David Angell, Pamela Sixfin, Conni Ellisor Viola: Monisa Angell Cello: Carole Rabinowitz

The Songs

  • Caravan 3:27 Laura 3:23
  • Limehouse Blues/Bye Bye Blues 3:16
  • When I Fall In Love 4:10
  • Green Dolphin Street 3:01
  • I Left Heart In San Francisco 4:03
  • Back Home In Indiana 2:19
  • Help Me Make It Through The Night 3:53
  • Hello Dolly 1:44
  • All The Way 3:27
  • Old Cape Cod 5:29
  • Josephine 2:11

Now, some forty years later, the Hammond B-3 is still cool…still the instrument-of-choice for most professionals - and the instrument Chris Anderson recently acquired which became the catalyst for this recording. Yes, the 1960 B-3 model on this recording is Chris’s personal instrument that he has so meticulously refurbished and modified.

All of the song selections on this recording have stood the test of time. They were cool when they were first recorded…and they’re cool today. Unlike most recording sessions where musical arrangements are given to all the musicians, Chris went about producing this album in a rather unique way. At the outset, there were no musical arrangements written out…Chris simply relied on his keen ear and innate musical talent to record the organ and vocals. Studio musicians were understandably curious about this approach at first, but with the arranging and conducting skills of producer Phillip Keveren, the challenge became cool in every respect.

Chris Anderson - Evolution of Cool